Finish The Story – A Beach Landing.

A new fiction writing prompt has appeared on the scene. “Monday’s Finish The Story” The idea is to write a story in around 100-150 words using the photo as a prompt, and starting it with the line that Barbs gives us. This week, the first week, the line is: “The team headed toward the island not sure what they would find when they arrived.” If you would like to have a go, then go and have look at Monday’s Finish The Story. If you want to see what others have written, then head through the this link to InLinkz.


The team headed toward the island not sure what they would find when they arrived. From the distance it looked like there were huts on the beach, or set back slightly. They knew the previous team had gone dark within two days of landing there.

Captain Vules Jerne held his hand up in a fist and all the engines on the boats were cut, with each squad taking out folding oars and snapping them into place. The weird silence felt heavy to Jerne as he strained his eyes to see the shoreline. He thought he saw someone running and pointed it out to his Sergeant, Werbert Hells. The latter shook his head dismissively.

Ten minutes later, they landed on the beach and climbed out of the boats. The huts they saw from the distance turned out to be trees lining the rocks. As they made their way more inland, a sound startled them from the other side of the trees. Vules and Hells waved for the rest of the team to hide, as they heard the shout – “kids, dinner’s ready”

12 thoughts on “Finish The Story – A Beach Landing.

  1. Great use of the prompt and a brilliant ending. But I absolutely refuse to make any comment on the names (sighs and rolls eyes)

  2. Loved the story and what you did with the names! Thank you for your contribution to this new endeavor! Stay tuned for next Monday’s challenge! 🙂 Be well!

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