Would You Believe, Cloud Photos?

I have started a new blog to try out due to WordPress and their constant changes that we don’t want, plus other stuff. I am already not going to pay for renewal in June 2015. One – because I won’t be able to afford it, and two – because of what I mentioned above. Which means I will go to having the full address. If I stay.The new blog is:


Over the last few days, clouds have been magnificent, so I photographed a few of them. The moon shots are completely awful, but the clouds partly make up for that.

41 thoughts on “Would You Believe, Cloud Photos?

    • The moon is out of focus and you can’t see the craters and such. It is the clouds I like about them, and the way they stand in front of the moon, but not the moon itself

  1. Layout has always been a nightmare on WordPress… I wish you luck on Blogspot. I tried commenting with my lastsongiheard WordPress profile and it said I didn’t own it.

    It’s been a frustrating night with WP for me too. It just won’t allow me to lay out my page the way I want it…


  2. You can publish a million cloud photos, Alastair, and I – for one – would never tire from looking at them. You take some great pictures anyway, no matter what the subject. Please take and post more!

    What changes are Word Press forcing on you? They tried to do something like that to me at first, but they also gave me the option of retaining the original design and format. I chose the latter.

    • Over the last few years, there have been so many changes that they have made. Although we have got used to them, as the people who have just started using WordPress will get used to the new post design, others have been forced upon us with no consultation, no information as to the changes, they just do it and wait for the backlash. When running a business, the idea is to entice new people, and keep the current, not entice new people and sod the current. Changes to the gallery, changes to the notifications, the layouts, the icons.

  3. [ Smiles ] Al, at last, you finally took the time to promote your blog on Google Blogger; you had me wondering: “What is taking him so long?”

    I am sorry to hear about your issues with WordPress and yes, they have made unnecessary changes — changes that sends the users of WordPress crazy.

    When I restarted a blog on Google Blogger, it was an experiment to see if it was worth blogging on (And, it is worth blogging on).

    To my surprise, my blog on Google Blogger is doing rather well!

  4. I am not sure if I lost my own comment on the other site or what, but I think you answered my question here.

    That is the one thing about switching over, the readers following. I am going to guess it isn’t so bad since almost everyone has a gmail account now but still…

  5. Me too A. I literally lost all of my email alerts. My preferences were changed and I cannot post like I used to. It’s nuts. I’m extremely frustrated with this. So I know how you feel. Where are you blogging???
    I love these photos A. As you know my favorites

    • I have been having more and more problems with WordPress. It has been infuriating me. Over the last two years, I have had to contact the “happiness engineers” at least 6 times for things that have gone wrong. I am hoping that it all settles down soon so I don’t have to change as I do like the format of WordPress, and I have almost 2,000 readers.

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