I’m Sticking Around For A While Yet

I think I may have given the wrong impression with my post yesterday. I have started a new blog on blogspot because I am unhappy with what WordPress are doing, and it is to see how that blog goes. I may have given the impression that I will be closing my WordPress and going there. I am paid up until June 2015, so I will see how it goes for the next six months.

Either way, I will not be renewing my paid account, so my blog address will have wordpress back in it and become https://kattermonran.wordpress.com

Thank you all for your wishes, but I am still going to be here. Although if you want to check out my other blog as well, it is http://kattermonran.blogspot.co.uk If you have a Google+ account, it will link your account so you don’t have to create something new.

I’m sticking around, you don’t get rid of me that easily.


32 thoughts on “I’m Sticking Around For A While Yet

  1. i did not pay my dot com fee at my other website i started at wordpress cuz i figured i did not need 2 dot coms, and figured if i did not pay it my site would revert back to the wordpress account…an it has not nor did not…it is locked up an they only see the dot com now an says this site is expired…an to get my site back on it will cost over 100 dollars because i waited more than 30 days to renew, kinna sucks really, an yes i agree why fix something that aint broke 😦 ? akk i wanted to do was drop the dot com…guess once ya got it ya got it huh!? oh well…….happy new yearZ . 2 U frum da’ Q

    • I don’t know. It depends on what they do over the next 6 months. Either way, I am going to need to clear out a backlog of photos, as if I stay, I will be losing 10gb of storage and go down to 3gb. I have already used 4½gb

  2. Got it. Well, I am sure I can figure out where to follow if you did leave.

    So, am I the only person with messed up stats today? Ten searches have brought people to my site today, but no visitors.

    Maybe my new subscriber email is out of order? 😉

    • I’ve had 1 visitor and 116 views if that’s any help. With 23 of those one person coming from search engines. And 18 of those one person going to this post

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