Haibun Thinking: Memories

Haibun Thinking is a returning weekly challenge where you use a prompt, usually from a choice of two, and then create a piece from that, ending in a haiku style poem that sums everything up. If you want to have a go, then go take a look at the Haibun Thinking page where you can also see some examples. If you want to read what people have written this week, then take a look on the Link Up page.

The choices this week were between a photo donated by Arthur Browne (I would suggest going to his page, you may well find it very amusing) and a quote “You came here in that thing? You’re braver than I thought” Carrie Fisher, Star Wars (1977)” I chose the photo.


In the beginning, thoughts emerge; thoughts of change. Looking at life, memories of childhood, memories of teenage years, memories of relationships.

Then more thoughts surface. Memories of fun, memories of laughter, memories of joy, memories of memories.

Unwanted thoughts. Memories pain, memories of hurt, memories of sorrow, memories of tears, memories of loss, memories of distraction and destruction.

Memories are intertwined, good with bad, love with loss, pain with healing, tears with laughter, concentration with distraction.

Over the course of time, choices have to be made. To make more memories as the same person. Or to begin anew.

is it time to change
take life in a new direction
emerging afresh

23 thoughts on “Haibun Thinking: Memories

  1. I remember that picture… I forgot all about it. That isn’t Photoshopped, it is an actual fountain in a park in Pairs. That face is about 6 feet long… or wide… or whatever.

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