Monday’s Finish The Story: The Biggest decision

A new Photo Fiction challenge started last week under the moniker “Monday’s Finish The Story“. You are provided with a photo and an opening line which you use as the basis. If you want to have a go, then go and have a look at the page where you should find a link to other stories that have been written as well.

The people waved at him from the bridge below, but they had no idea if the turmoil in his mind. He stood at the precipice of the most conscious decision of his life, possibly the last decision of his life.

Everything he loved, everything he wanted, everything he had, now stood as memories in his mind. Life took a downward spiral when his wife walked out on him, taking the children. She could not handle his job taking up thirteen hours a day, seven days a week. When his wife left him, his work suffered, when his work suffered, his bosses sacked him. The bank now threatened to take his house.

So he stood there, considering taking that step to finality. But the people on the bridge waved to him and he closed his eyes as warmth spread over him. He smiled and opened his eyes to find the people nowhere to be seen. He turned and walked away with hope in his heart.

36 thoughts on “Monday’s Finish The Story: The Biggest decision

    • Thanks very much Penny. I wanted to portray that just the slightest nice thing from an unknown person can make a world of difference. Even if the person who waved in this story was an angel.

  1. Sometimes the simplest things give us hope.
    I’d visit the new photo challenge…but I’m having a difficult time keeping up with what I’ve got going. 🙂

  2. Great use of the prompts, Alastair. I immediately thought of where it talks in the Bible about “angels unaware.” Perhaps that’s what he encountered 😉

    • That was the impression I was attempting to give across. Someone there to stop him because his work was not yet finished. Thank you Lyn

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