Friday Fictioneers: Time for Thinking

Every week, Rochelle provides us with a photo to use as a prompt and create a piece of fiction in around 100 words. If you want to have a go, then go and visit her page and even see what others have written.

My story is part of an ongoing one about a vampire, his prey and his creation. Raynard, Saskia, and Tess. This is a two sided story, with my side being written from the side of the Vampires, and Jules writing from the side of Saskia and her protectors. Click on the links to see the story so far. Although this is a part of a serial, I have written it so it can be a standalone as well.

You can find the latest part from Jules on her page.


So meaningless.

So inconsequential.

Time just falls away, like stones dropping from a height. He chuckled at that analogy as he ran his fingers over the stones and shells attached to the board.

140 years may seem a long time to mortals, but to creatures like him, it didn’t matter.

For 140 years the face haunted him. The face of the woman who took his life. He already dealt with the majority of them, now there were only two left. Raynard now fought with his own conscience. He knew he would kill Saskia; that was already in place. But what of her four year old daughter she kept hidden?

39 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Time for Thinking

  1. Ooh, what to do with the daughter? Nothing good, I’m thinking.
    I like that he feels his killing Saskia is a done deal. Very arrogant of him, perhaps?

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  3. Well now – so well hidden – I didn’t even know 😉
    However if they have the same blood line… well eliminating either one might be a challenge.

    Hmmm….I guess I should stick my two cents in on this new development???

    Very nice!

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