Photo of the Week – Week 42

I decided I wanted to buy myself a bunch of flowers this week so I could photograph them. As we walked into the supermarket, I mentioned to my sister my intention, and she suggested we look in the reduced area. When we had a look, there was a huge bunch that were originally £15 (about $24) and they were down to £9 ($14). I said that I was not going to pay that much for flowers that they would be giving away by the end of the day. The guy pricing said to name a price, so I said a fiver – £5 ($8) So at a third of the price, I think that was a good deal. They were only for me anyway.

Week 42

15 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Week 42

  1. I like that you bought them for yourself, even if only for pictures.

    The costs of some things are crazy, flowers definitely being one of those. I know all the work it takes to keep them looking halfway OK once they are cut, but still.

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