Monday’s Finish The Story: X Marks The Spot

A new literary challenge has started recently. Barbs has given us a photo as a prompt and an opening line. We just have to carry it on from there. If you want to have a go, then go and finish the story.


Do you remember that old saying, X marks the spot?” Daveth asked Jorge.

“Oh back when there were land pirates and the sea was able to be sailed on.”

“That’s it. Do you ever imagine yourself in that age, as a pirate on a ship with a wooden leg and an eye patch, sailing the seas and uncovering vast treasures?”

“Are you mad?” Jorge asked his friend. “We sail the skies. We sail from planet to planet now. Look at us, we are back in the skies of Earth, and you can see the pollution, you can see the smog of the lands. What’s not to love?”

“But right now, wouldn’t you want to be somewhere else?”

Exasperated, Jorge let go of the wheel and turned to his friend. “Why? Why right now?”

“Because there is a bloody great X above us, with a giant spade heading towards it!”

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