Where You Are Now Is Not Necessarily Where You Will End up

Being in a dark place now, will not leave you in a dark place for an eternity even if it seems like it at the time. There is always light, although sometimes you have to strain your eyes to see it. Sometimes a friend may be required to point out where the light is, sometimes the friend is the light. Don’t give up. You will get through this. Have faith in yourself. You have made it through 100% of your bad days so far. That’s a good track record.

All of these are from previous months.

10-46 10-47 10-48 10-49 10-50

21 thoughts on “Where You Are Now Is Not Necessarily Where You Will End up

  1. Thank God we don’t stay where we are now… how boring would THAT be? LOL! Beautiful quotes my friend, Especially the last one…there is nothing like the peace you feel when you can let something go. It’s just so darn hard to do though!!! 😀

    • Yes it is. We get so attached to some things that we don’t want to let them go even though we know that’s the best thing in the world.

  2. I really do like these. But I suspect I like them more for their cleverness than because I believe most of them. I mean, you really can’t just tell people to believe that good things are going to happen, or talk them out of being depressed. So maybe I am the kind of person who needs these more than most people.

  3. I couldn’t agree more … we’re on a unstoppable journey, heading toward a finale that we won’t know of until we arrive there. Life is an ever-changing chain of events, which shifts our “place” along the path each day. Sometimes it feels as though our feet are stuck in quicksand and that we can’t seem to move along the path fast enough for our liking, or comfort zone, but even during the times of quicksand, there is a purpose for the stoppage. While we fret at the lack of movement to the next step – the lack of movement might be intentional – maybe there’s danger ahead and we’re being caused to wait for it to leave. Maybe we need to stand still and reflect. In either case, or any case, moving forward again is inevitable – and once you do, you are no longer where you were.

    Awesome post/share/message! ❤ Kimberly

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