Sunday Photo Fiction: Hallowe’en Horrors

Every week a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction in around 200 words on Sunday Photo Fiction – although I have gone over that, as I couldn’t cut this down.

As it is Hallowe’en before the next SPF, this week’s prompt is a pumpkin. I had fun writing this one.

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Week 43

Andrew, Dave and Rex squeezed through the hole in the fence and quietly ran up the stairs to the abandoned house. 14-year-old Rex sat the pumpkin at the front door as 15-year-old Dave pushed the door open. Using their torches to light the rooms, they made their way to the dining room.

Dave pulled the white sheet off the furniture and 15-year-old Andrew laid a Ouija board on the now cleared eight foot long wooden table. Rex sat down and shuffled uncomfortably. “What’s the matter?” Andrew asked him.

“I just don’t like this at all, with it being Halloween and all,” he responded.

Dave smiled at him and said, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Rex slapped his palm onto his head and groaned “Why did you say that? Everything always goes wrong when people say that.”

Laughing at him, Dave replied “Only in films and stories, and we are in neither of those.” Now it was Andrew’s turn to feel nervous.

“Uh, about that,” he said. “Everything we say and do is being written by someone on a computer.”

“You HAVE to be kidding me!” his friend exclaimed. “That’s not possible. I have memories of where I used to live.”

“Have you noticed how you haven’t said ‘put’, ‘get’ or ‘got’? It’s because the writer doesn’t use them words.”

“But you just used them.”

“Only as an explanation.”

 “Okay, I will p-p-p-p lay the board down,” Dave stuttered. “I will g-g-g-g pick up the glass. Hey! That’s not fair.” He sulked.

Andrew laughed and said “At least you can use contractions.”

Dave smiled, grabbed hold of the glass and said “Okay, let’s see what horrors this writer of yours can think up for us” as they each placed a finger on the glass…

33 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Hallowe’en Horrors

  1. I think I may have to pass on Sonja this week and just do a free write. Maybe with a word list.
    I’ll look into it in the morning. I’m just a tad worn out. Might just take a pad and pen and settle in a comfortable spot…

    Fun read here by you! By the way, I really detest Ouija boards. I had a friend who wanted to mess with them so much when we were kids, that I purposely lost the thing. I think I put it in a charity collection box. Not sure what the safest way to destroy them is…

  2. Great way to create a piece that is just creepy enough to cause a good shake of the spooks, while providing and outlandish giggle or 3 😉

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