How Shutter Speed Works

I have another blog, this one hosted Blogger. I am doing a series of camera hints and tips on there, and this first one is on Shutter-Speeds. If you want to take a look, then go through the link here and see if it helps any.


13 thoughts on “How Shutter Speed Works

  1. I bookmarked this blog. And – I will definitely be checking that out – once my mind is a bit more clear. Right now – it’s a bit disorganized. LOL

  2. That’s really fascinating, I always wondered how photographers managed to do such things but then get distracted by shiny things that always seem to turn up and now I know.

    • I have made the mistake before of taking a photo on a 30 second timer or a “bulb” timer – which will be explained in an upcoming post – and put the camera away. Then when I have taken it out, I had forgotten to adjust the dial and taken a photo with a long shutter-speed on it.

  3. Thank you for the information, Al. You’re lucky to have time for more blogs. I just visited your blog. Very nice items and splendid image! Congratulations on your blog!

    You have an exceptional new week, Al and happiness! 🙂

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