Photo of the Week – Week 44

Hard to believe we are now in November. Especially with how warm it still is in the Northern Hemisphere. The temperature at this time of year here in England is usually around 14°C/57°F. Yesterday though, it was 19°C/66°F with some places being as high as 21°C/70°F. Hopefully through November the temperature will normalise and we will have the proper range so the bugs can “hibernate”.

Week 44

20 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – Week 44

  1. Is that a buddleia I wonder … mine keeps sprouting … just when I think it’s safe to put the loppers away for Winter .
    Mild , but definitely wet :-/ here today Alastair .

  2. We have our time change tonight… do you guys do Daylights Savings in UK? I can’t remember. It is a beautiful fall day here. About 65 degrees will be the high. It dropped down into the 40’s last night and we had the fireplace going this morning. So cozy! 🙂

    • We had our time change last week. Last Saturday night in October is when we change. Our night has only dropped a couple of degrees recently.

  3. Isn’t it strange and even today 1st it is warm outside. I had 21 degrees in my car yesterday. It has never happened that I am in a t-shirt on the 1st November. I am sure nature and animals are confused….. I am quite happy though, save on the heating bill!

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