Hitchcock Is Nowhere To Be Seen

Whenever I see the birds in large groups, I think of Alfred Hitchcock’s film, the Birds.

32 thoughts on “Hitchcock Is Nowhere To Be Seen

  1. You have a flock of good shots here. It’s almost certain that ANY of us who saw “The Birds” has the same reaction. I have the additional fear of seeing that many Alfred Hitchcocks perching ominously on the wires.

    • Hi Seyi. I was thinking about you a couple of days ago. Missed you too. Hope this change in the weather isn’t too bad in your neck of the woods

      • Glad to read that Al. 🙂 The weather isn’t that bad, at least we enjoyed prolonged summer. London is sometimes milder compared to the rest of the country in a way. Take care my friend.

          • When my two oldest were little we use to go to the zoo. I would pack pb&j sandwiches. I woukd take chips what you call crips and when we finished we would give the leftovers to the pigeons and there were literally hundreds of them. The were so close we could touch them. My daughter was still in a stroller was scared so when they became too much I would let my son chase them away. Of course we covered our head with paper bags. Luckily the didn’t thank us with poop. 🙂

  2. Absolutely fab..loove the click of pigeons in the public place..makes for a superb scenery. Reminds me of a place in Mumbai, Dadar, called Kabutar Khana (Pigeons feasting).

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