A Wound Is A Sign Of Pain, A Scar Is A Sign Of Healing

When you look at a scar, you can see it as either a memory of something that hurt you, or you can see it as something that has healed. The same with emotional scars. I know a lot of those scars will always be painful to the touch, but for the majority, we can see something that has healed.

I look at my fingers and I can remember foam melting over them 31 years ago, and six weeks of a hand in bandages, or I can look at them and think “Wow, that was a long time ago, that’s healed well.”

A scar is the mark of something that has healed.

Thanks today go to:

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Raging Rhetoric

Soul Vision Healing

The Other Side of Ugly (Blog)

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18 thoughts on “A Wound Is A Sign Of Pain, A Scar Is A Sign Of Healing

  1. Oh, Al, is this ever TIMELY! Today I inquired about entering some of my “Art from Recyclables” into a local exhibition — http://dairybarn.org/exhibits/call-for-entries/#In%20&%20Around%20anchor — and included a link to my work.* The person I e-mailed was so excited about my work that she responded, “Maybe you want to be an artist-in-residence here and be on site making things with materials that we have here, like a live performance-type of thing…?”

    On FRIDAY I’m going to take a copy of my book to the 2 local bookstores and ask if they want to carry it (based on the good reviews I’ve gotten).




    • John, that is fantastic news. You should believe in yourself because you are a valued person.

      Let me know what happens with the book stores. I can see no reason why they shouldn’t.

  2. I love the way you see things A. This is wonderfully true! It also shows us just how far we have come and grow from the it first happened! Healing is a very necessary part of the process! I love these! So wonderful everyone in them! Sending a big hug and thank yous for being you!

  3. You have spoken of scars before. I have a new one…… it will fade as years go by but it is a reminder of a time in my life that I had to stop! Everything stopped! It is healing nicely though…… (I think there is an analogy in there somewhere?) 🙂

  4. I couldn’t get the title of your post out of my head, it’s just brilliant the way you put it because it’s so true. Sometimes we do dwell on the wound rather than the healing. Thanks for sharing Al. 🙂

    • I was trying to think of what to write as a title, and I was running my thumb over the scars as I often do when I am thinking, and for the first time in a long time I thought about how much it hurt all those years ago, and then thought about the other scars I have and it dawned on me that they are not pain, they were pain, now they are a memory of that. A lesson. To never pick up foam from behind you when doing a bonfire if you don’t where it has come from LOL.

  5. I sent my niece a note with Rumi’s quote, It’s the broken places the light shines through. I prefer looking at how I’ve healed rather than focus on the pain that once was. Love all the artwork.

    • I love that. I have only seen so many different and meaningful quotes in the last year since I started doing these on a Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Rumi has been associated with so many that are very heartfelt

  6. It is all about perception, dwelling on the bad things never gets us anywhere, chuck in some irony, a positive or just different thought and it has a telling affect on all of our observations.

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