Friday Fictioneers – Jerry’s New Job

As soon as I saw the photo on Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers page, I immediately thought of an excerpt from a book I read. “More Later: Lyle’s Letters From University” If you haven’t read the book, it is a howl. It is written in a series of letters so can be picked up and put down at any point. It is written by the blogger who writes The Daily Graff. Go take a look at a couple of his posts, and then buy the book if you feel like it.

Friday Fictioneers is where Rochelle gives us a photo and we make a story out of it using around 100 words.

© Jean L. Hays

© Jean L. Hays

Jerry loved his new job. He hummed as he went in to work and whistled the latest Chuck Berry song as he started up his vehicle. He pressed the accelerator and listened to the power of the engine drown out his thoughts. Releasing the brakes, he moved forwards and lowered the bucket on the front of his vehicle. He slid under the side of a car and lifted overhead; he drove to the side of the road and pulled a lever to lower the bucket. Instead, he pulled the wrong lever and sent the vehicle hurtling through the air and into the side of the valet attendant’s office.

Jerry now needed a new job.

20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Jerry’s New Job

    • Thanks Seyi. As soon as I saw the image, I thought of the story in John’s book and it made me laugh so I wanted to do something of a similar vein

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