2015 Calendar


I was pointed to a different location for printing, and it has adjusted the cost somewhat.

The rough price of the A4 (printer paper size) calendar is:

US – $19.58

UK – £11.98

Can – $21.88

AUS – $22.26

These prices INCLUDE postage. I have checked all these with different addresses in the countries by using either addresses I have, or by using Google Maps and finding a postal code for a random address. Due to taxes, the price of the calendar changes with different countries. The size of the calendar is that of a sheet of printer paper.

This is screenshot of the A5 calendar

2015 A5 7-99

This is a screenshot of the A4 calendar

2015 A4 14-99

These are the photos that are in the Calendar. Of course, they won’t have the month scrawled through them, and they will be much higher quality.

27 thoughts on “2015 Calendar

    • I can give you my pay-pal address and and you can put it through there. The prices have changed thanks to your information in the email and now include postage

    • I’ve just brought my own one of these, well, two as I give one as a present to someone. I think the price is high enough already without me adding some on to it. Plus, I enjoy taking the photos. If someone wants to buy the calendar then I am happy.

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