Microsoft Scam Exposed – Please Watch

This is a ten minute video of a computer technician who is being scammed by the “We are from Microsoft and you have a problem with your computer”. They are very clever at what they do and the way they do it. They make it very believable. Please let people know how this scam works.

32 thoughts on “Microsoft Scam Exposed – Please Watch

  1. My friend who does not know much about computers got a call from them and she parted with £230. Just after that she phoned my son and asked him and he told her it is a scam, and found the site she quoted a s a scamsite. We couldn’t get her money back but she has learnt not to trust any one who rings and pretends to be someone else. She will always now ask us for any problems. Glad my son knows his stuff…
    It is awful that people do that but in every business there are scammers unfortunately , you shouldn’t trust people you don’t know!

  2. I’m classified as an old age pensioner (66). I’m reasonably techno savvy. Lately, I’ve had msgs popping up on the screen of my new Windows 8.1 computer asking me to click on a link to update the drivers. Yeah right!
    My elderly Italian neighbour (she’s 75) keeps getting those calls. She speaks English, but not real well. She says to them, “Okay, you wait. I go other room.” (walk, walk, walk,) “Okay, I in other room.” They’ll say something like “Can you switch your computer on?” She says, “So sorry, I no can switch computer on.” They ask why not, and she says, “I no have computer. You are bloody crook.” and then slams the phone down. Never underestimate a feisty Italian grandmother 😀

  3. Very clever. We get phone calls here – I just tell them I haven’t got a computer. That seems to floor them. I tell everyone that I haven’t got a computer.

    And I’m not using one at the moment.


    • Haha 😀 I saw some text messages the other day.

      “Why didn’t you answer me?”
      I can’t find my phone
      “Oh okay. Let me know when you find it.”

      … later …

      “Have you found your phone yet?”

      Now THAT made my jaw drop lol. I don’t know if it is true or not.

  4. Fortunately, we (hubby and I) are pretty computer savvy. He is a LOT more than I am because he works on one all day every day. But most people are novice. Especially elderly people who only know how to turn one on, get email and look at Facebook.
    These people have no conscience. They prey on others to get credit card information and steal identities. I look at my stuff almost on a daily basis because we had 3 of our credit card numbers stolen and used over the years. But I knew almost immediately and took care of it. Not everyone is as diligent and they can really get their credit etc messed up before they know what has happened.
    Thanks for sharing this Al. If it helps just one person NOT get scammed it will be worth it! 🙂

    • My credit card company is awesome. I used mine in a city about 300 miles from where I live, and I had a phone call from them asking me if I knew where my card was last used. I had the call within two hours.

      My parents would fall for this as they are both over 70 and believe everything they see on the internet even if I try to explain the dangers. They are of the mind that they can’t steal from you because they are not near you. Some conversations are very exhausting.

      • It is sad when the elderly just do not understand no matter how hard you try to tell them. I had a stupid woman (my age) tell me once that her identity couldn’t be stolen because she didn’t have a computer!!! HA HA! And I politely tried to tell her that had nothing to do with it. If she had a bank account or a credit card (which she again assured me she had no credit cards so no problem, right?) or a driver’s license or SS# she could indeed have her identity stolen. She was a living, breathing person (even though dead people have their identity taken all the time) and she absolutely WAS in a data base somewhere and someone could go to the bank and borrow money as her!! Wanna guess what she said??
        “No they can’t! Not without my permission and I would know!” LMAO!! I just shook my head and said… Ok! and walked off. All I could think of was, YOU… ARE… AN… IDIOT!! (in my best Hermione voice) 🙂

        • Some people just don’t get it. And she is one of them some people. If you receive a printed letter – guess what – you are in a database. If you sign your name – guess what … I just hope she doesn’t find out the hard way

      • Yes… two of my credit card companies called me immediately because the charges looked bogus. However, recently one of mine was used to pay a utility bill in Dallas which is about an hour away. I caught that because I download my transactions once or twice a week. I called and credit card company was great! Took care of it right that minute. It looked legit because they had paid it online and had pertinent info even though my credit card was always in my possession.

          • Right?? Crazy huh? Actually statistically you are at greater risk if you DON’T have credit cards etc. Because then you do not check a credit report or anything and if you ever DO decide to buy a house or need a credit check, you find out it is in the toilet because someone used your name to buy a house, a car, have delinquent credit cards and then you ARE screwed…….people are SO FREAKING Stupid! Credit checks are made for everything these days!, loans, utilities…. the list goes on!

  5. You do realize it isn’t a real Microsoft person? The scam is that they claim they are from Microsoft. There are several news releases as well as informative vids like this on YouTube.

    • Yes, I know it’s not a Microsoft person, but soe people may believe them to be which is why I have shared it. If someone was to attempt to do that to me, I would come up with something silly like “But I use Linux” 😉

  6. I’m with Dell and they stopped using Microsoft. However I keep getting a warning that my password word is going to expire. I don’t have a Microsoft password. They use all kinds of crap to mess with your computer. And for what reason. It’s crazy.

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