Sunday Photo Fiction – An Odd Photo

Every week a photo is used a prompt to create a story in around 200 words. If you want to have a go, then head over to Sunday Photo Fiction and see what’s what. If you want to see what others have written, then click on the likkle blue creature feature.

88 11 November 23rd 2014

Hubert sat on his haunches rocking back and forth scratching at his scalp. Tears poured down his cheeks and bubbles of spittle formed on his lips as he sobbed. He heard a sound and looked up through blurred eyes, past the body of his lover, Lillette on the floor, and towards the wall. He wiped his mouth and face with the back of his arm, smearing saliva and tears up the sleeve. He stood up and stepped over the corpse, not even noticing that he stepped in the expanding pool of blood that spread from Lillette’s torso.

He heard a sound from the wall again, and tried to work out what the sound could be, and all he saw was a photo of the sun coming through trees at a high angle.

**** ****

Sergeant Adams carefully stepped around the body on the floor and examined the bloody footprints that led to the wall and disappeared. Adams stood there admiring the image on the wall and called to one of his colleagues. “Hey Josh, have you ever seen a picture like this? A bit sick if you ask me. Who has a photo of someone hanging from a tree?”

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