Monday’s Finish The Story – The Dancer

Every week, Barbara gives us one of her own photos and the first line and we have to finish a story with. If you want to have a go, then go to Monday’s Finish The Story, and whilst you are there, click on the blue creature to see what others have written.


Dance as if no one is watching? What on earth is that supposed to mean?” Sergeant Adams asked his colleague, Josh. He looked at the statue, examining the details in the statuette. Josh pointed to a handwritten note on the table. Adams picked it up with a latex-gloved hand and turned it over.

**** ****


Jessica shouted to the woman on the other end of the phone “I don’t give a rat’s ass what you are offering me. You made an error, and you will fix it. For free! I don’t care if it was something I forgot to put on, I have it every week, so you should have known. You will give me a full refund on my whole order and give me the rest. Free.”

The woman on the other seemed to take on a different voice “Madam, please. Write down … Dance as if no-one is watching”

As Jessica complied, she felt her legs stiffen…

16 thoughts on “Monday’s Finish The Story – The Dancer

  1. Man, I could have done with that when I was working in the Tax Office call centre…”Sir, if you could just write down.Dance as if no-one is watching.” Good one, Alastair, very good 🙂

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