Being Nice To Someone When You Don’t Want To Be Makes You A Very Strong Person

I find it difficult not to say “thank you” to a bus driver when I get off whether the ride was awful or not. I will say “thank you” in a shop whether the counter staff are rude to me or not. Just because someone else is rude, does not mean we have to be. We are our own person, we can say “thank you” for a service. We don’t have to, but why let someone who is rude make us be rude as well?

Whether you like my blog or not

thank you

Whether you like me or not

thank you

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who celebrates it.


Thank you today to:

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27 thoughts on “Being Nice To Someone When You Don’t Want To Be Makes You A Very Strong Person

  1. I try to always say thank you to servers when they pick up a plate, fill my water/tea glass..whatever. If I have an opportunity, I try to make someone’s day just a little brighter by recognizing something they did whether it was their job or not! 🙂

    • I was brought up to always say please and thank you, so it comes naturally to me. If I don’t want to say it, I have to physically stop myself. I even say thank you to the dentist!

      • Oh I always say thank you to my dentist and especially my hygienist! I love getting my teeth cleaned! And I don’t mind going to the dentist. I’m weird that way too…. LOL! 😉

        • LOL I got to go tomorrow. Where I had a “misspent youth” taking substances I should have avoided, plus the medication I have now, it does not do very much for the teeth. And I have teeth that are still waiting to form (at 47 I have only recently lost some of my baby teeth) I need a root canal and need to fitted for a bridge so I can smile without hiding my mouth

          • Oh my… root canals are not fun. I have only had one and it was a bad experience, but even the endodontist said it was a rare case. He had been doing it for 20 years and had it only happen twice. But if anything is going to be weird, it will most likely happen to me! LOL! I hope you get your teeth fixed soon and with as little pain as possible! It will be great to see your smile! 😀

  2. So true, so true. I say thank you even if people are rude too. It says who I am, not who they are. I like your sayings here and will get back more often. These posts only come to my reader, not e-mail notifications. I’m starting to get it.I

  3. That’s because you’re you, Alastair. I don’t think you could be rude to anyone. LOL that’s why you were so kind to Andrea when J’Sharn’s globe suddenly deposited her in the walkway near the steps. She loved the dinner you cooked her 😀

  4. Blessing and Happiness to you too dear Al, I always like to be here and to think through your wiseley written pieces and words.. You are one of nice blogger friends, I love you and your blog. Thank you million times, you make me feel better and rich. Love, and hugs, nia

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