Calendars Are Still Available

There are still calendars available if you wish to purchase them. I make no money out of these, and occasionally pay a bit myself when the exchange rate changes slightly. If you want one, then email me at

This is the calendar as it looks:


The price you pay for the calendar is:

US – $19.58

UK – £11.98

Can – $21.88

AUS – $22.26

If you live in a different country and would like a calendar, then email me and I will let you know the price. The cost includes postage.

9 thoughts on “Calendars Are Still Available

  1. I just love the ducklings and the mare and foal. LOL and the beautiful teal duck coming in for a landing. One good thing about Vista print is they actually produce it in the country of the addressee, eg, mine was printed and posted from Victoria, Australia. They sent it express post too. That’s why I love Vista Print. You also get vouchers for 50% off your next order as well as free items when they have specials on — it might be a T-shirt, photo cup, photo book or 250 business cards. “This has been an UNPAID announcement” 😀

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