The Cold Bare Trees

As I was stumbling home the other day, I saw some dead leaves just managing to cling to the odd tree here and there before they were pruned back by the tree surgeons. Those that have already lost their leaves looked so desolate.

34 thoughts on “The Cold Bare Trees

  1. I really like the textures of the pics… I’m trying to “see” things differently. I took some photos last weekend in Austin, TX that I think I will post. I’m kind of sceered to though cuz I dunno if other people will like them. :-/
    I hate winter when all the leaves are gone. Everything looks so desolate. But I love Spring and Fall…..guess ya can’t have the other two without it, huh? 😦

    • You gotta take the rough with the smooth. Winter has the beauty of snow – until lingers too long. Spring and autumn are the most gorgeous though because of all the differing colours.

  2. Enjoyed reading the conversation. LOL I love naked trees. Have you ever looked into them, like we do clouds, and see if there is anything hidden? I’m still looking for the fish. 🙂

    • I do, and sometimes I see things, the odd face here and there. I did one a while ago where I put googley eyes on a tree because that’s what I saw of it

  3. I love these photos Al. May sound corny but to me a “nude” tree is in repose waiting for spring, summer and fall to dress her again. Although snow and ice sometimes dresses her, also. Anyway your photos are just lovely, my friend! 🙂 xx

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