We Cannot Become What We Need To Be By Remaining What We Are

We each have a reason in this life, whether we know it or not. We are not just placed here with the thought process of “oh sling that one there and let it get on with it”. We all interact with other people, and we change that other person. Look back at your life. Look at things that have changed because you met someone many years ago. An example is mine – most names are changed to indict the innocent.

I met Paul in a shop.
Through Paul I met John
Through John I met David
Through David I met Jennifer
Through Jennifer I met Joseph
Through Joseph I met Babs
I married Babs and had two children.

Paul was there to change my life my introducing me to so many other people which would eventually result in me having my two kids. I met Paul in 1990, I met Babs in 1994 and married her in 1995. Admittedly we split in 2008, but that’s besides the point.

Everybody you meet, you interact with for a reason.

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39 thoughts on “We Cannot Become What We Need To Be By Remaining What We Are

  1. We all have a story like that…we just have to stop and think about it. I have several because we have lived all over the US. Kentucky, Missouri, Texas, and Michigan. It has been an adventure (as my hubby calls it) but I still have many people in my life that I have met on my journey! I’m glad you are one of them 😉

  2. I really needed this today, Al. A week ago I just beat the deadline for submitting (images of) three of my new “Art from Recyclables” sculptures for consideration for a juried exhibition. The nonrefundable submission fee was $40. I received a “Dear John” e-mail yesterday saying that my pieces had not been among those accepted for the exhibition

    I do consider it a victory that I put myself “out there” and took a chance.

  3. Great post, Al. Well-chosen quotes. It is true that our meeting with other people, they can influence our lives, for better or worse in some cases unfortunately.
    Everything depends on us how we want to be.

    Have a wonderful day, Al and happiness! 🙂

  4. Hello my friend! 🙂

    I so love these and I enjoyed reading all of these quotes.
    I also believe everything happens for a reason. Have a great weekend. Hugs Paula xxx

  5. I think about that at times, wondering why some walked in my life; but only for a short time. I can always trace the trail of why they were here for me. Great post!

  6. Oh wow! I love this and totally agree with you A! I would never have met you if I wasn’t blogging! I love how that works! You are an amazing inspiration to me with these wonderful nuggets of happiness and hope! Big hugs A!

    • Thanks M. The amount of people I have met as a result of a blogger who no longer blogs is amazing. When I was going to give up my blog in 2012, I had a like from someone I had never heard of on April 1st. It was odd. After that, so many people came through and a few of them, like yourself, have become very good friends.

      • I think the ones that need to stay stick like we do and the others well they find something else to do. I do believe encouraging each other is uplifting for us and well as others! I know you are amazingly inspirational! 😀

  7. I am so glad I met you!
    I do plan to write to the haibun, just my schedule got turned around yesterday.
    And I didn’t have a whole lot of time to myself. And then when I did – I crashed 🙂

    • I’m not sure I am going to keep that going. There doesn’t seem a lot of interest in it any more. Even the people who created it with me don’t seem interested in doing it now. So far this week, there has been one entry. I plan on doing one for tomorrow. Maybe that will get people doing some, I don’t know.

    • If you find it again, can you let me know and I will add it in to a future post – with credit to you for finding it of course 🙂

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