The Light Bearer Series Book 4 – Seditious Coming December

If you have never read any of the Light-Bearer series of books, I would urge you to start now. The first three books:



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are all available now for you to read. They are the story of two immortals who returned to earth with no memory of their previous existence. Charmeine is a Light-bearer, an angel of sorts, and Tabbruis is a Bloodhunter, a demon with similarities to a vampire. The first three books tell of their finding each other again and falling in love again, along with the dangers and obstacles of such a taboo partnership.

The fourth book in the series, Seditious is due out in January.  I’m not going to say much about the fourth book as it may give too much away from the first three, although the author has been nice enough to give an excerpt of the fourth book to share.

You can find my reviews of three first books in the following places:

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Excerpt from Seditious:

Charmeine knew this beautiful woman was a very powerful Blood-Hunter. She felt Baby Hunter kicking and fought to control her anxiety.
“Ah, yes, very good gentlemen. We have her now.” The mysterious woman told the men in a thick, French accent. She gazed with wide spellbinding eyes at Charmeine. She looked like a cat ready to pounce on her prey.
The man who held Charmeine pushed her to go out the terrace doors.
She knew this was a kidnapping and worried for Baby Hunter. Charmeine struggled to gain some kind of fighting advantage.
The Light-Bearers practiced their self-defense skills with her daughter, Sandra, and worked on how to get out these hand-binding holds. After Charmeine’s encounters with Pascal, she never wanted to feel helpless again.
With speed and accuracy, Charmeine used her power to fly up backwards over the head of the Blood-Hunter. She broke out of his grip. Immediately, she leveled him with a powerful and fierce bolt of white electricity which stunned him into a stupor.
Percival took this opportunity to sweep the legs of the man who held him. He stunned his assailant, and made him fall down in pain with a green charge which ran through his body.
“Use your light for Athena!” Charmeine yelled to Percival.
Percival threw a green lightning bolt at the man who held Athena.
Within a second, the Blood-Hunter was on the ground. A green current cursed through him.
“Halt!” the Blood-Hunter woman demanded.
Charmeine looked up and a hand gun was aimed at her belly.
The woman widened her indigo eyes with her fangs exposed. She threatened, “You really never know where a bullet will go? Do you?” she laughed.
Her maniacal giggles curdled Charmeine’s blood. She could tell the Blood-Hunter woman was telling the truth.
“Yes, the bullet could just land somewhere very unhealthy for your unborn spawn.” She circled Charmeine like a shark swimming around its prey. “Not that hurting spawn of this Light-Bearer scum would matter,” she quipped in a matter-of-fact way.
Charmeine began to feel waves of nausea and fought the urge to be sick.
“The offspring is just a by-product.” With a sinister laugh the woman scoffed, “Yes, a by-product which should be tossed aside and thrown away like the trash it is . . . as soon as we cut it out of you!”
She began to laugh with a vicious tone and stuck the gun in Charmeine’s belly ready to pull the trigger.

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9 thoughts on “The Light Bearer Series Book 4 – Seditious Coming December

  1. Thanks for this awesome insight into her book Al. As I believe that reincarnation is possible, the fact they find each other and fall in love again – I can relate to.

    • I just realised I never replied to you.

      I am so sorry about that. Had so much going on lately, but I am back on the blog occasionally now. Hope everything has gone well with the book 🙂 When’s Ransom due?

  2. I wish I could get into this type of book, but I never have. I am glad that you have an interest in it though. I do love books about slavery, if you ever run across them

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