Throwback Thursday – Dead On Target

I will soon be starting up the Daniel series again, and as it has been some time, I thought I would use the last part of the story written as my Throwback Thursday – Dead On Target



It had been five days since Dan and Dahlia saw Captain Manatee and questioned him about Captain Zoe Keegan under the pretence of wanting to create a memorial for her. In that time, he set up hidden video cameras around the base to see if his hunch was true about Keegan still being alive, and that Manatee knew everything that went on with her.

 He quietly made his way to where one of the cameras pointed at the buildings. He moved the foliage and swapped the memory cards, removing the one with recorded data and replacing it with a fresh one. He took off his prosthetic hand and slid the full card inside, and then reattached the hand back on to his wrist. He quietly moved away, making sure the camera was still hidden.

Dahlia started the vehicle as she saw Dan exiting the woods, and drove them towards the House of Worship. As they passed the outer area of the base, Dan pointed to an area that seemed to have been demolished recently, and judging by the angle, the camera should have at least some shot of it.


The vicar ushered them into the back room and Dan removed the card from its hidden compartment and placed it into the viewing machine. After two hours of watching, Dan’s hunch was proved true as Zoe Keegan stepped out of a door and met Captain Manatee, who seemed to have been expecting her.

81 10 October 12th 2014

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