AGAIN they have changed something. Now the notifications is completely WRONG! You have to scroll down them, there is not the choice to right-click and “Open In A New Tab” or even just click and open notifications. I am getting sick of all these damn changes. You are not improving the experience, you are making it worse.

Don’t change what doesn’t need to be changed. Whoever has just joined you from MySpace or Bebo or where ever, they can stop trying to make our blogs into a social media page. They are OUR pages.

Are you trying to get rid of everybody, because you are going the right way about it. I’d prefer a different Christmas present than this thank you very much.

Can you change it back.



33 thoughts on “WordPress – BLOODY STOP IT!

  1. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spending time to figure the new little ways is a pain in the ass because changes do not need to be made! It costs time I don’t want to be paying again and again. Continuity is a luxury to have here.

    • Exactly. We don’t all have the time to do things like learn new changes,. Although at the moment it does seem to have gone back to how it is supposed to be

      • I commented to them about this. The thing I wish they would get is that we have changes on our phones, televisions, computer software, etc. and which makes consistency extremely VALUABLE (to me at least ),

          • I don’t know how valuable we really are to them because of the number of bloggers. Maybe, if enough people stopped using them. I’ve never bothered to look past the “contact us” page somewhere around here. I used it once and got a robotic automatic response. If they had a larger much more public forum for feedback that was as interactive as we can be with each other, perhaps we could have some sway.

  2. I hate it too and the new stats and the ‘easier ‘way to write your post. You mention giving them feedback. Apart from when they invite it, how else can I tell them they are ruining what used to be clear, intuitive and fun?
    All the best to you and yours Al for the festive season. 🙂

  3. they have always change things, always for the worst as they try and compete with F.b. which that can’t. The entire set-up is old and cloncky and difficult. Eve

    • Thanks Eve. The only people they should try and compete with is themselves, and not try to make it more like the social networking sites. I suppose it won’t be long before we have a 140 character cap on our title.

  4. [ Smiles ] Once the “Happy Engineers” change something, it is there to stay until it is time for them to do another upgrade.

    I can definitely feel your pain, Al.

  5. I left my feedback to – we need to do that folks. The Stats page in particular is a huge step backward. It looks like the FB “newsfeed”. Who wants to scroll endlesslessly to see what they need? Not fond of this Reader format. At least put a “back to top” button somewhere…

    • I leave the feedback all the time. I get annoyed with the way they do things without asking us, the ones who use it, first. For people who are new to WordPress, it’s fine as they don’t know any difference. I have been with them for nearly seven years, and so far I have seen a gradual decline turn into a downhill bobsled team

  6. It was definitely better before. And I cannot get the notification page up any more. I find it harder to read too! Also the stats page is rubbish the old one was better, I left my feedback already! Usually I don’t mind changes but this one is not a good change!

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