Thank You WordPress

After my not very happy post I did a couple of days ago about the change WordPress had done to the notifications, I would like to thank them for changing it back. It may be temporary, but I hope not. I hope it stays this way again.

So a big thumbs up to WordPress.


Image to cheer up Not A Punk Rocker

46 thoughts on “Thank You WordPress

  1. I am just seeing this, thank you for the pick-me-up picture 😀

    You know I agree with you completely on all the changes and thoughts on those, for sure.

  2. Oh… every time they offer a new option – I more or less ignore it because I’m used to doing things my own old way. I like the old edit program because it doesn’t have the extra line space. I figured out how to accomplish the stuff I want to do. And can live without the rest.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hmmm…. I was a tad absent perhaps when that particular change happened. So I am not familiar with what occurred. One day I only posted my daily and didn’t have the chance to make any return visits. So if they changed it back – Thank You, Al! As it seems to be the same as it was…

    I do know that a while back – I was miffed because I couldn’t see all my ‘likes’ in the notification section. They would say ‘Three people like this post, plus a few more – and if you want to see them go to the post.” Which wasn’t going to happen since I took my likes away because of all the unrelated ‘Likes’ and unscrupulous ads I was getting there. So I went to one of the forums and complained. I only mentioned it to one person who didn’t think I was going to find a happy resolution. Apparently tough someone listened (or read what I wrote). And I’m not sure who to thank. Because maybe in about a week I noticed I could see all of my likes in the notification section. But I may have to hold off…. completely since I don’t get all that many likes anyway.
    I can’t tell you if I would see say twenty or more. But I have seen up to nine and I haven’t seen the message saying go to the post to see more ‘likes’ anymore.

    So anyway I was going to thank you for putting photo icons in for me at Haibun Thinking…Did you do that? I didn’t. I get to choose now between my maple seeds or the nest with eggs. They are the only two photos of my icons that I have and that’s because I had my son’s help. The choice wasn’t there at Sunday Photo Fiction…. maybe next week?

    Anyway you and yours and all who visit the best of the season and a very blessed New Year!

  4. It’s good that they have listened. I still use the old stats page too. To thelastsongiheard if you go right to the bottom of the new stats page there is the option to go to the old one and when you do, there is the option to vote about why you prefer the old stats. Let’s keep telling them what we like or don’t like!
    I agree too, Al, praise and thanks when it is due! 🙂

    • It’s unfair to just moan and quietly nod when they do it right. I remember going into a superstore once and after about ten minutes, I went to the customer services department. I asked them where I make a comment about a member of staff, and they handed me a complaints form. I said I didn’t want to make a complaint, I wanted to say how well I was treated and how nice the member of staff was. They didn’t have anything for that. They don’t get compliments very often.

      It is unfair that in life people will moan and complain. They will write and dig about people and companies, but when someone does good, all they do is mention it to their friends. These are the important ones to share with the companies. Show them that the staff are doing good and that they are worthy of being there, that they are irreplaceable.

      • I completely agree with you and do give thanks and praise. Our hospital now has a form headed up, Comments, Compliments and Complaints! Lots of people do compliment which is lovely. Every company should have the same header, I think. All the best to you this Christmas 🙂

    • It always is. The only thing they have gone back on is the post creation page. Although they do seem to have gone back on this which is a huge bonus

  5. I am finding the changes difficult. It was enough to learn the basics of posting from my niece and now she isn’t here to help. I dislike that helpless feeling when I can’t sort things out. I do wish they’d ask first if one would like to be part of the updates and changes. As Christmas approaches, I send, love, friendship, smiles, hugs and blessings to you, and all your loved ones.

    • Thanks Belinda. I am lucky enough to know a fair bit about technology etc, but my time is very limited. I wish they would give the option of the old and new, like they have done with the Post creation page.

      I hope you have great Christmas

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