There Are As Many Days As Nights

Days and nights have to happen for things to grow. Whether it is a long day or a long night. At some times of the year, we are in more darkness than we are light, but by the same token, there are times that we are in more light than darkness. Even the darkest night has to have a dawn, and even the brightest day has to have an end. The brightest day will become dark and the darkest night will become bright again. There is good and bad in every lesson we learn. Try not to dwell too much on the darkness, but see the light that is coming. If you see the darkness coming towards you, light a torch. Look for someone who is a beacon. Prepare. Above all, don’t forget to be yourself.

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Back Towards Light

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Miles Away From Abuse
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Sue Fitzmaurice, Author

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17 thoughts on “There Are As Many Days As Nights

  1. A you are that bracon! One of my 1st friends here and I love that you have always been a beacon of light for me and a wonderful friend! I love these positove posts they are always so uplifting this one is my fav although I love them all! Big hugs and love to you from windy, cold and rainy, Oklahoma! I found the light today and it is in you!

  2. This is a great and motivating post. Thank you Al for sharing. There’s always that light we can reach and we should always look forward to reach it!

    Best Wishes,

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