You’ve Been Criticising Yourself For Years And It Hasn’t Worked …

… Try Approving Of Yourself
And See What Happens
~ Louise Hay

Try thinking of yourself in the positive rather than the negative. I know Arthur from Pouring My Art Out will say that he always approves of himself. Someone like that is always going to be happier because he approves of who he is, what he is, and accepts what he was and what he will become.

You can do this as well. Approve of yourself. Think of yourself as successful. After all, your record of surviving the bad days 100%. That’s pretty good odds. Remember, you are the best person you could try to be. Just carry on being you, and approve of yourself. Accept yourself. Love yourself.

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27 thoughts on “You’ve Been Criticising Yourself For Years And It Hasn’t Worked …

  1. You’ve helped me today, Al (not the first time). I am one of those people who felt he wasted years of his life because of poor choices and by spending years at a job where he wasn’t fulfilled. Even though I’m now retired, I’ve been kicking myself that I stayed “stuck” for so long–that I allowed the security of a paycheck to keep me from taking risks all those years.

    BUT it was the frustration of being “trapped” in that left-brain job that led me to start writing the humorous “Lyle letters” to a friend back in the 90s–that led to my book, More Later: Lyle’s Letters from the University. It was that job that, six years ago, led me to start creating my “Art from Recyclables” ( It was that job that, five years ago, led me to write my own “Statement of Purpose” (* It was that job that, four years ago, led me to start my popular and successful blog (which introduced me to many cherished blogging friends like you).

    Yes, I came to hate that job, but I see now that I DIDN’T stay “stuck.” The job made me determined to exercise my RIGHT brain–to “push the limits of my creativity.” The fact that I have so many creative avenues NOW is due to how frustrated I was THEN.

    I am where I should be!


    • “Eve” is a relative term. My birthday is not August 5th.

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