The World Will Knock You Down Plenty. You Don’t Need To Be Doing It To Yourself ~ Elizabeth Scott

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When you are knocked down by the world, don’t stay there and wallow, and also don’t get back up saying “I deserved that”. Get back up saying “I’m better than that”. Don’t look in the mirror and say “I am not worth it”, because you are. You are special. You are perfectly you. Don ‘t beat yourself up for who you are. You are what you were put on this world to be. Always remember that. Have a good week.

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15 thoughts on “The World Will Knock You Down Plenty. You Don’t Need To Be Doing It To Yourself ~ Elizabeth Scott

  1. Thank goodness no one else is me….I’m sure they wouldn’t want my stuff! LOL!
    I have heard it said if we all tossed our problems into a hat and had a choice what problems to have, most of us would pick our own out of the hat! 🙂

  2. Always a boost to read these.

    A tad cool here at -12 C. But the sun came out – so that’s a good thing too.
    And I saw the (perhaps young) Red Tail hawk in my yard for the third day in a row. 🙂

      • I think I saw some evidence that ‘he’ caught something.
        Some prints in the snow and a cleared spot on the ground where the grass is showing through. But I’m not that curious to put on boots and get dressed to go out around the front because Little Miss is still napping and freeze my face off just to see what is there.
        I didn’t see much even with the aide of binoculars.

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