Sunday Photo Fiction – The Quartz Angel

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Sunday Photo Fiction

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94 01 January 4th 2015

Eleven year old Jason sat on the park bench, swinging his legs and looking down at his hands resting in his lap. He ran his fingers over each other trying to find a way and a reason to smile.  He glanced up watching people walking past and when they looked towards him, he looked away before pulling his baseball cap down do obscure his face.

He became vaguely aware of the man sitting beside him and shuffled slightly away. The man chuckled and said “hey, Jason. I have a gift for you.” Jason looked at him, and saw the big man wince. The boy immediately lifted his hand to cover the bruise on the side of his face. “Listen,” the man said. Take this, and use it when you need to” and thrust a small quartz angel into Jason’s hand.

The young boy looked down at the angel, and looked back, but the man was no longer there. He looked around, and not seeing him, took the slow journey home.

He walked through the door and went to head to his room, but his father stood in his way. Jason’s heart missed a beat and involuntarily grabbed the angel. As he saw his father’s fist heading towards him, he squeezed the angel and felt it turn to dust. He heard a slap but didn’t feel anything. Opening his eyes, he saw the large man with his hand around his father’s fist, forcing him down to his knees. A strangled cry left his father as Jason heard knuckles pop. The big man released his grip and let him fall to the floor, sobbing.

A siren sounded down the road, and the man said “You’ll be safe now, Jason. He won’t hurt you anymore.” The boy looked at his father, and then back at the man, but as before, he vanished. Jason found another angel in his pocket, this one, a golden smiling angel on a chain.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – The Quartz Angel

      • Long story short – this angel could have been so handy last night for a couple of someones close to me. Two kids beaten by their mom. 😦
        Fortunately – one called the police & hopefully things will be better for them moving forward. The mom got arrested & the kids are going to be visited by someone from children crisis today.

        • I detest cruelty to children. I hope that she gets the kids taken from her and they are put somewhere safer. Either that or she is educated and watched very closely

    • Thanks very much Suzanne. He certainly seems to care about the children and knows how to handle himself. I’ve added your vote to the list and your email address to the draw.

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