Sunday Photo Fiction: Message In A Bottle

Every week a photo is used as a prompt to write a piece of fiction in about 200 words. If you want to have a go, then take a look at the Sunday Photo Fiction page. If you want to see what others have written, then you can look at this page and read other stories.

95 01 January 11th 2015

David looked at the ship in the bottle. It arrived through the post three hours previously although he could not remember ordering it. He smiled when he saw the name belonged to someone else. The postman delivered it to him by mistake. David laughed aloud and decided he would keep it. After all, it wasn’t him who made the error. The phone rang and he picked it up just as his hand touched the glass of the bottle.


Josh looked over the glass bottle with the ship inside it and touched it with a gloved finger. “Sergeant?” he called to his partner, Sergeant Adams. “Come take a look at this” he said as the latter glanced up from the piece of paper he held. “Look at the detail,” Josh said. “There is even a man in there. Looks uncannily like the missing person. I wonder who he commissioned to make this.”

Adams handed the paper to Josh, who read it aloud ‘Sometimes a bottle is the only way to get a message across’. Looking confused, Josh turned the paper over and then back again. He went to the phone and dialled to trace the last call.

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