Photo of the Week – 2015 Week 4

I am not back as of yet, just posting my photo of the week. I am getting some of my novel done at the moment – the back story of Raynard the vampire. I am also reading an inspirational book called the War of Art.

I appreciate you all still being there, and understanding whilst I am away.

2015 Week 4

27 thoughts on “Photo of the Week – 2015 Week 4

  1. Totally get time factor makes things difficult. Too many things need to do, want to do, and HAVE to do. I have to start photographing illustrations. I am procrastinating that. So, seeing the photos again helps inspire. YEAH!

  2. I know about life getting in the way of blogging.
    The grandies, family… I have thought about you, and wanted you to know you are missed.
    Whatever you may think…may you always think, know – I am your friend.
    Thanks for all your hard work on ‘The Vamp’ book and good luck with ‘Daniel’s book’ too.
    Hugs, Jules

  3. Lovely photo, shining on the entrance (or exit) to this land. I have been hearing good things about The War of Art recently. Good luck with the writing.

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