Photo of the Week 2015 – Weeks Five To Eight

These are the photos that I chose as the Photo of the Week between weeks five and eight which were the last week in January, and three from February.

19 thoughts on “Photo of the Week 2015 – Weeks Five To Eight

    • I was like that when I first posted photos that I took. There was the “What if no one likes them”, “What of people start telling me they are crap”, “Do I want to subject myself to ridicule”. Then when I posted the photos, the resulting comments were the complete opposite to what I expected, and I was so relieved and grateful. I think you will find there will be a lot of positive feedback on your photos Courtney.

      • But you take beautiful pictures!! I’m ok but I am still learning. I do think all those things sigh but I have gotten positive feedback for the few I have put out there. I will post a few more and see what happens. Thanks for the support. 🙂

        • When I first started taking photos, the only good ones I could really take were ones of the sunrise. Everything else was out of focus, grainy or just wrong. As I went on, I improved, and still a lot of the photos I take are bad, they always will be. I spoke to a professional photographer on a Facebook group I am a member of about bad photos, and he said everybody does them. He said that he has to dig out the good ones. He posted some in a folder I created in the group “When photos go wrong” and some of them really were awful lol

          So don’t panic. Your photos are really good, and you’ll never stop learning.

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