I remember, ten years ago today, I took my son to school, then went to a friend’s house. I left something, so had to go back home. On the way, I saw a singular magpie and looked around for a second but there weren’t any. I laughed at myself as it was superstition the “One for sorrow, two for joy” rhyme.

I arrived home just after 9:30 am and realised I had left the TV on when I went out. What I saw on there, it can only be described as horror. London had suffered it’s worst terror attack in living history. Bloodied people were walking, or being carried, out of the underground. A bus was in tatters and the reporters were finding it difficult to speak.

Fifty-two people lost their lives on July 7th 2005.


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35 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Tragedies like this I just don’t understand & never will. So sad for the loved ones of those lost & now left behind to pick up the pieces & continue on with life.

      • Oh yes! Yes they are all that way! I have them all set to waiting for moderation! I think I mentioned I had this one person commenting meanly so I had to do that! Once I took off all the restrictions and they still did this so I set it back to a comment moderation! Not that I want to do that though! 😀

        • Ahh I understand. It is better to do it that way than to have it on your page. How can someone be mean to you though? They are out of their mind. You are a kind person with a gorgeous heart

  2. I remember that day, they reported a gas explosion at one station, then a bit later, a second gas explosion, that’s when the TV came on and I waited for whatever it was to unfold as it sadly did. 10 years, where does the time go!

    • I couldn’t believe it was a bomb when I first heard it. We hadn’t had a terrorist attack like that since the IRA bombed Manchester in 1996

    • So true. I had to smile today. Although death is not something to smile about, I saw that 45 ISIS “soldiers” died after eating. Apparently they had been poisoned.

  3. Yes, I remember that very well. What a horrible incident. But, like the U.S., England bounced back and emerged strong again. Terrorists never really succeed. Bombs and fires are no match for the will of people to survive.

    • Very much so. Another even that changed the world. Would be nice if we could see something that changed the world for the better.

  4. I am constantly amazed at how fast time goes. I had not realized it was 10 years! WOW! I can imagine how devastating it was for Great Britain. I pray for peace and blessings today as your remember this event in your country.

  5. Thank you for reminding those of us across the way. Peace be with the families and friends of those whose lives changed that day.

  6. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already… I remember the shock and horror felt here. The held breath around the world, would there be more attacks? My like is in solidarity and for remembrance.

    • I know what you mean. It was terrifying. I will admit, I thought it was the French at first as they had just lost their Olympic bid, until I saw the severity of it. I realised then that the French wouldn’t do something that caused that amount of death and destruction.

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