Photo of the Week 2015 – Week 34

I had a choice as to what to use as my photo this week, but as I went to the end of the Prince of Wales Pier near me, I decided to use one of the photos I took there. Some of the views from the pier are incredible. You can see the castle in all its glory, and the White Cliffs of Dover look spectacular. I decided to use one I took of a lighthouse though as I liked the way it looked.

2015 Week 34

20 thoughts on “Photo of the Week 2015 – Week 34

    • Thanks Charlie. I wish I could get up them and see the views from the top. Unfortunately stairs aren’t my friends and most of the lighthouses have their doors locked.

    • Thanks Karen 🙂 I love being able to be that close to them. Unfortunately they are closing that pier to the public on September 1st

        • The harbour board decided they wanted to do things with it to expand. There was no referendum, and no information before hand. The local council went ape about it telling them they couldn’t do that as it is something that is needed for the town. The harbour board responded with “it’s ours, we can do what we want with it”. There was a petition, and they ignored that as well.

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