Belcom Blades Flying Display

We have had a Regatta here in the town where I live today, and the penultimate thing (the last being a fireworks display – weather permitting) was a flying display by the Belcom Blades Flying Display team. They were supposed to come at 7pm, but I think with the way the weather has turned, they arrived an hour earlier. So I stood on balcony and took almost 200 photos. The grey clouds spoiled a lot of the photos, but these were the best I could get out of them.

I did go onto a “tall ship”, the Götheborg, and took some photos below decks of the cannons and the rigging, but the ship is leaving tomorrow and I am hoping it has it’s sails unfurled when it leaves. One of the crew said there is a high chance they will be firing the cannons when they leave.

12 thoughts on “Belcom Blades Flying Display

    • Thanks Isabella. They are definitely a challenge. I am still trying to get the hang of the sports setting which is easier for fast moving subjects. I have to use auto focus on them as well as it takes too long to manually focus on them

    • Thanks Courtney. I’m very happy with the ship ones, but I want to put them all together. I was going to save them and have one as my Photo of the Week for next week, but decided I wanted to share them first 🙂 I have posted a couple from last night and a couple of days ago on my Facebook Photography page though

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