September 2015 Daily Photo Challenge – September 2nd – Statue

There are statues everywhere in Dover, to mariners, to swimmers, to commanders, to lesser known people, to better known people. There are also statues of animals dotted about the place. There are about six or seven on the sea front looking out to sea. I didn’t want to use those though, I wanted to go for something different. Something that not everyone in the town I live in sees. People spend most of their time looking at the ground, at their phones or at nothing. They don’t look up. And this town was founded in 120 AD. There is so much history. My house itself is 200 years old (and the way it’s falling apart, you can tell hehe), some of the shops are just as old, if not older. If you look up, there is so much to see. The way buildings are made is incredible. This owl is one of a pair looking over the market square. The detail in them for something that would not have been seen close up is incredible.

September 2nd 2015 Statue

September 2nd 2015

7 thoughts on “September 2015 Daily Photo Challenge – September 2nd – Statue

  1. I am not a history buff but I love the thought of being in the middle of something that has been around for so long.

    That owl is gorgeous,and I’m not just saying that as an owl fan either! 🙂

    • It may be older. The first pharos (old lighthouse) was built in 120AD, so it may well have been a settlement before that. This was the first recorded happening.

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