September Daily Photo Challenge – September 5th – Red

So many things that are red in my house, most of them are dragons. Dragon ornaments, dragon incense holders, dragon pictures, dragon animated kits. I decided to go for one of the oldest of my ornaments. I brought it in 1991 and it was a limited edition then. It would be worth a lot of money had it not been chipped in a move. The little one it is with, is a light dragon. When you turn it on, the light inside the egg glows and dulls.

September 05 Red

September 05

14 thoughts on “September Daily Photo Challenge – September 5th – Red

  1. I collected dragons (unicorns, faeries, pegasus…). They’ve been packed away for several years now and seeing yours makes me think I should take out one or two.

    • I’ve got a couple of fairies. Generally with dragons around them. Wizards as well. That sword on the right, that is being held by a dragon and is a letter opener. My parents also brought me dragon claw walking stick for my birthday. Can’t say I like dragons much :mrgreen: If you do decide to get them out, I’d love to see some photos of them

      • I’ll definitely share, smiles. My collection filled five or six wardrobe boxes, it could be said I had a wee problem with collecting pretty things. I have Danbury, Windstone and Enchantica pieces, some jewellery too.

        • I have a fair few skulls, both ornaments and jewellery. Currently wearing a three headed dragon necklace my son brought me for my birthday

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