September Daily Photo Challenge – September 14th – Book

I know the subject of today is “Book”, but I didn’t want to use a proper book as I have used them before. Malazan books, Eregon books, horror books, Star Wars books. So I went for something that is book shaped and book designed, but is not actually a book. This is a box for my Tarot cards that I was given by my sister a few years ago.

September 14 Book

14 thoughts on “September Daily Photo Challenge – September 14th – Book

    • It looks medieval but is relatively new. They can always be accurate in hind sight. It also depends on the openness of the person who is having the reading. It is alright to go and have a question in mind, but if they are sceptical then there is a high chance that the reading will be as the querent will not allow the energies to flow through. As for totems, I have never used one.

      • I meant an insect totem. I had a moth stay I you toilet for over a week, I thought it may be trying to tell me something, so I Googled around and starting reading about insect totems and I never read anything before about totems.

    • Thank you. I like them as well. Yes I do. I haven’t done a reading for a while though. I try not to do them when I am in a lot of pain as that can come through and disturb the reading.

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