September Daily Photo Challenge – September 17th – Reptile

When I stayed at a friend’s house in 2013, her youngest son brought one of his pets out, it was a gecko. So of course, I couldn’t resist taking shots of it, after all, I rarely get that close to a reptile. Not since my divorce anyway hehe.

September 17 Reptile

15 thoughts on “September Daily Photo Challenge – September 17th – Reptile

  1. I have geckos in my house all the time. Constantly find babies, but I had one about 6 inches long sitting on my nightstand one day. I just took pics of it and left it alone. It probably went back outside. We had our french doors to our bedroom open that day.
    Hmmm… maybe that’s how the snake got in?? 😛

    • Thanks Duncan 🙂

      That would have been funny hehe. I admit, before mentioning what kind of creature it was, I had to find out the difference between a crocodile and an alligator

      • Oh that’s easy. Crocs have the one lower tooth that fits into an external socket in the upper jaw. They also have pointy faces, whereas alligators and caimans have a rounded snout. Do try to keep up, Forbes

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