Sunday Photo Fiction – The Bud

I’ll explain where the idea for this story came from at the end.

Every week a photo is used as a prompt for writing a story in around 200 words. This is called Flash Fiction – as opposed to Flash Gordon who has nothing to do with this. If you want to have a go, then head off to Sunday Photo Fiction (link opens in new tab) If you want to read other stories, then there is a little blue icon that you can jump up and down on. Also opens in new tab.

122 09 September 20th 2015


Gregory and Janine ran ahead of their dad, laughing. He stomped along behind them imitating a huge monster. “I am the dupoled” he said in a deep, mock menacing voice. Seven-year-old Gregory squealed, “Not the dupoded!” and tried to hide on the other side of his sister, one year his senior.

The laugh and smiles slid from his face though when he saw her staring at something. He turned and staggered back. “What is it daddy?” the boy asked. The elder man knelt down and looked at their find. “It’s a flower. But that’s impossible.”

Janine frowned, “flowers aren’t like that, and they are open. This one is closed.”

“No, this is a REAL flower. There haven’t been any around for decades.” He gently ran his fingers up the stem to the bud. “We can’t let anyone know this is here. We can’t tell anyone.”

Gregory looked downcast, “not even mummy?”

“Especially not mummy” he warned.

*** **** *** **** ***

Later, as their father set dinner out, removing food from the cryo-cooler, their mother returned home looking pleased with herself. “You should be happy with mummy today. I found another piece of grass so we can build more houses.”

Janine thought of the flower bud they found beside the raised air rail, and decided it would definitely be their secret to try and bring some nature back to their planet that was now covered almost completely in buildings.


The idea of this story came to me when I was watching the news this morning, and they were talking about building houses on green belt land. If they start doing that, then it will end up looking like something from a sci-fi film where no land can be seen. An example of that is Coruscant from the Star Wars films.


42 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – The Bud

  1. Kinda’ sad – eh?
    Alexandria told me about their green space being removed at their school – to be replaced by a football field & new tennis & other sports areas. She was bummed.

  2. Growing-up in the American Midwest, greenspace was the norm. I couldn’t wait to move to a big city. As I look back at the container gardening I’ve done versus the half-acre of ground we used to use for a garden, I wonder what the hell I was thinking sometimes.

    Nicely done, Al!

    • Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I have always hated gardens due to the work that has to go into them, and now I am on the second floor with two balconies, I wish I had a garden.

    • Thanks Seyi. Some planners don’t seem to understand that we need the trees and plants to survive. Humans are the air filters necessary for plants to live.

    • Thanks Susan. It’s where I got the inspiration from. It is scary how our world is going, and how, in future generations, having no flowers will be the norm. They will just be something from the history books

  3. Yes, buildings of all kinds are taking over the space and crowding out the trees, flowers, grass, etc and all of natures creatures. Progress is great, and necessary, but devastating when taken to the extreme.

    • There are definitely other ways to progress, and I really wish they would do them first rather than destroying the beauty of nature first.

  4. The “green” spaces are getting fewer and further between. I am blessed to live in a very plush and green area of Texas but just north of me is Dallas and it’s all concrete! 😦
    I pray “not telling mummy about the flower” doesn’t happen in my lifetime…..

    • I really hope so as well. In the news report, the people who were discussing it, one person was trying to be very convincing as to how it is the right thing to do. As I said to Miss Zebra, there are buildings in my town that are all boarded up, a row of about 15 hotels. They can be refurbished into apartments and that would solve a fair few of the problems. They could make at least 50 or 60 apartments. Plus areas that have just rubble on them, they could hold houses and apartments.

  5. There was a lovely, natural bush land area near us until recently. It housed kangaroos, birds and other native wildlife. When they decided to develop it the advertising said…”Nestled around a 900 hectares regional park, the Jordan Springs 2014 Lend Lease Award winning community has been carefully designed with a balance of homes, shops, parks, hike & bike trails and many other community and learning resources and facilities to create a vibrant village atmosphere.” Hiking trails? HIKING TRAILS?? The area is as flat as an area could possibly be. It’s nothing more than an urban sprawl. It’s about five minutes drive from me and I’m still wondering where they’re hiding the “hiking trails.”
    Al, to find a single flower like that and be afraid to tell anyone just to protect it is a sad projection of our future. Let’s hope it never happens.

    • I was thinking that as well. Near our sea front, we have a whole row of hotels that are closed and boarded up. It would be cheaper and better to do them up than to build on what little grassland we have left.

  6. That’s a chilling thought, especially when you consider we’re losing an area of forest roughly the size of a football field every day. Then again, I don’t believe the natural world will let us get to that stage. Planet Earth has a way of striking back at humanity and proving that ultimately it’s still in control.

    • With the amount of earthquakes, floodings and other natural disasters, I feel Mother Nature is already striking back. Thanks Alejandro.

  7. A world where children have never seen a real flower,wow, Coruscant indeed. I like how the kids don’t even question that this is normal, and you piqued my interest about the mother. Why not tell her especially? Hm… I love a story that has extra stuff going on that I have to guess at.

    • Thanks Joy. Their mother finds any piece of land, no matter how small to build on. If something could grow there, something could be built.

  8. Ooh, now that’s a cautionary tale. I hope it never comes to that. It reminds me of the lyric from Karn Evil 9, “Right behind the glass there’s a real blade of grass. Be careful as you pass, move along, move along.” Great story Al. I really enjoyed this one!

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