Photo of the Week 2015 – Week 39

Thirteen weeks until the end of the year. Three quarters of this year has gone. It’s amazing how fast it goes. The sunrises are getting later, and the sunsets are getting earlier. I went out earlier today, and didn’t take my camera with me. When I saw the sunset, I regretted it. I used my phone and hoped it would make a somewhat decent job of the view, and it didn’t end up too badly.

2015 Week 39

17 thoughts on “Photo of the Week 2015 – Week 39

    • Thanks Sandra. They are getting as good as cameras, although they can’t really do the fast shutter speed shots. Well, maybe they can, I’ll have to see if there is an app for it

  1. For a long time when I first got my camera, I carried it with me everywhere. Now I just take it when I actually plan on a “photo shoot” – and it never fails that I see the best possible shot when I don’t have that darn camera with me. You did well with your cell phone – that’s a great picture!

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