Three Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

I am doing this the easy way, and writing this post yesterday, just after publishing yesterday’s Daily Quote. I doubt I will have time to do it later today. Or yesterday as the case is right now. Heh, writing something now in the past tense as it won’t be read until tomorrow is weird.

The idea is to post a quote every day for three days and nominate three people each day, in the same way that Sandra at Quirky Books nominated me. I know people have little time, so instead of nominating three, I am nominating everybody. If you have time to do it, I look forward to reading yours, if you don’t have time to do it, then that’s fair enough. It is not a compulsory thing.

This quote I found on the blog The Boi Poet which is hosted by Jeremy. I think it is perfect as it says so much that is true, and it tells us to never give up. Never stop trying. Because we will get there. Each failure is a success because we learn something from it.

01-32 Some Assembly Required

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