2016 Calendar

Last year and the year before, I did the Photo of the Month and allowed people to vote for them. Because I was away for a good six months, I have had my daughter choose the photo each month and these have gone into the 2016 calendar. The only difference is November and December which were the photo of the month in 2014.

If you want a copy of the calender, they are £6.99 plus postage which varies country to country and state to state.

These are the photos for the calendar. Of course, the calendar itself doesn’t have the month plastered across the image.:

I have used addresses I sent these to last year to work out the prices:

Rough price for calender and postage:

New Jersey:           $18

New York               $18

Texas                    $15

Washington           $15

NSW, Aus                 $20au

WA, Aus                   $25au

Canada                      $24 Can

Actual price can be given upon request. If you would like one, then you can send an email to me on mondrak@gmail.com and I will tell you the exact amount and how to pay.

8 thoughts on “2016 Calendar

    • Thanks very much Charlie. That bubble shot was voted Photo of the Year 2014 by the people who read the blog. It is one of my favourites.

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