What Have They Done Now?

I just went to do my post for the Photo of the Week and once again the layout has changed. Why? There was nothing wrong with it originally and then they changed it to that awful beep-boop one, and just as we were getting used to that, they go and do it again. I think it is time to start migrating to blogger. At least they stay the same all the time.

I can’t even remove one of the categories. WordPress, you are fools. Your “happiness engineers” are not making me very happy.

26 thoughts on “What Have They Done Now?

  1. It took me a while the other day to try and figure out how to post in the new format. I did that, but I have not even attempted to make any other changes. I know I will get frustrated… I just post and go. I do not understand why they keep changing everything! :-/

  2. You are Darn right Al, I remember you actually getting some attention from WordPress.
    We went to upload our final images of the Carnival season, what a mess, we cannot name which groups they are and the header banner is part way down instead of the top, just when we renewed the annual subscription, if things don`t get better we wont renew next November.
    Do you know , it is better to upload everything to Facebook, not that I am a big fan of Facebook but it works far better.

    • I am not renewing next year. I know it means I will have to remove a great deal of my photos due to the fact that I have gone over the 3gb limit. I think I am on about 8 or something. Mind you, if I just take the big photos and shrink them down, I should be able to get away with it.

    • I haven’t. It’s a change they made to the system so there’s nothing we can do about it. I am fed up with the amount that they change it. There’s no need for it all the time.

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