Be Careful What You Reap

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly Flash Fiction challenge where you write a story in around 200 words with the photo as a prompt. Clink on either of the links below if you want to see more.

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138 01 January 10th 2016

The look of malice on Doug’s face as he pulled up another root scared his children. They knew he never hurt them, and would never hurt them, but the eyes seemed filled with vehemence. [Not that the kids knew what vehemence was, that is just the writer adding it for descriptive purposes, after all, the kids are only 7 and 9] The area now cleared of trees, Doug looked at his plans again and how his new house fit into the surroundings. Rural areas never appealed to him, but now choice eluded him, and he made do with what he could make.

Seven months later, and a house now stood where trees once reached to the skies. The children found no happiness there, always the feeling of being watched, of being stalked, hunted. Even in bed, they did not feel alone. When they spoke to their father about it, he told them not to be silly as they lived out where nobody knew them, so who would be watching them? It did nothing to ease either of the children’s minds.

After finishing schoolwork one Tuesday, the youngest child thought he felt the ground shake slightly and made a grab for the table. He looked at the elder brother who seemed oblivious, and then the house literally shook. There was no denying it that time. Again, it shook; and again. Doug ran in to see them as a crack stretched across the floor, with the centre falling away.

A hand, the size of the eldest child reached up, and gripped the side. Another hand gripped the other side, and then a head came up. The eldest child looked over at his homework books and there on the front, was the image of this creature. When he finished his homework, his thought was “I wonder if the forest God, Pan, would be happy with what daddy has done”