Photo of the Year 2015

I will admit, the photo I thought would win, was December. But that’s why I don’t pick them. I do like the winner though, and with eight votes, it received double what second had, and almost all three combined that were in third.

As soon as I have posted this, I will generating the winner, and contacting them for their details (I only have the emails rather than names as I tend to forget who’s email is whose)

The Winner of the Photo of the Year 2015 … February

2015 Week 9

Photo of the Year 2015

17 thoughts on “Photo of the Year 2015

  1. One of these days I’ll figure out how to send photos via e-mail.
    But until then… when I’m able I’ll try to send you one I took in the middle of Blizzard Jonas.
    It is of my bird feeder…and to the right in the falling white in the pines a single red cardinal.

    Cheers. I’ve got an ‘off’ day due to Jonas…so I’m catching up with visits. Hope to prompt mash later this afternoon 🙂

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