Friday Fictioneers – Gaining Entry

Every week Rochelle issues a new challenge by giving us a photo and asking us to create something from it using around about 100 words.

It has been well over a year since I have taken part, but I wanted to get back in it. I managed to edit this from 133 words down to 100.

The photo comes from my good friend Ceayr.

If you want to take part in Friday Fictioneers, click on this link, and you can read a multitude of stories here.


Gaining Entry

He glanced around, making sure no one saw him as he hopped the gate and onto the grounds of the big house. Light illuminated one room on the corner of the building, but he had no intentions of going near that one.

Using his parkour skills, he scrambled up the wall and pulled himself onto the roof. Creeping to the wall, he listened near the window before using his knife to release the catch. He raised the glass and slid inside. As his foot hit the floor and felt a *click*, he knew this was his final job. And breath.

48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Gaining Entry

    • He could have been one of those “I am the best I can break into anywhere” people. He won’t be doing it again though.

      Thanks Liz

    • Maybe the whole house was rigged for him or some other burglar. Heh .. saying that reminds me of a Charles Bronson film I saw many, many years ago. Death Wish 4. He rigged a house up to help an old couple and at one point there was a click ..CRACK …”Howl of pain”. When Bronson went out, there was a plank of wood that had been set up to come up when someone tripped it, and he found a pair of teeth embedded in the wood 🙂

  1. Dear Al,

    Welcome back. I had to look up parkour. 😉 Now I’ve learned something I didn’t know. Alas, in the end, those skills didn’t help him much, did they? As for cutting it from 133 to 100 words, it shows you’re up to the challenge. Well done.



    • Thanks Rochelle. It was some of the description so it was just aesthetics and didn’t interfere with the story. It was fun writing for it again. Thank you 🙂

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