Photo of the Week 2016 – Week 6

Most of my photos that I took this week have been awful. I took several of a ship in the night with the lights of France, 22 miles away, behind. Unfortunately, not one of them was in focus. So I used this one, which was on my rear balcony.

2016 Week 6

10 thoughts on “Photo of the Week 2016 – Week 6

  1. Producing the art, the images that make you feel good are just not easy…There are really good days, and days that are just not as successful.

  2. That is an intriguing photo – it almost looks 3D.
    PS: I doubt that any of the pictures you took were really awful – that’s just the artist in you voicing an opinion. I’m sure the rest of us would have loved those photos.

    • You’re too kind 🙂 Thank you CM. I wish I could get shots out there now though, but it is dark and the waves are magnificent 🙂

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